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contour master

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I have a 1996 9500 and i want to put a 2001 925F beanhead on it with contour master on the beanhead. The combine does not have it. They both have dialamatic on them. Will this be a problem.
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you will need to adapt your drive sprockets on the feeder house to run the (pto) drive shafts on the head. if the head has DAM, it should have the proper electrical harness connections
other than that, you are good to go
If you don't have contour master on the combine it just ignores the tilt sensors on the header and the DAM works normally. If the head does not have DAM and has the newer style potentiometer sensors you could convert it to DAM, but I would get the Headsight kit to run a newer header on your combine. It has better sensitivity and adjustment like the 50 series combines. The Headsight kit is about the same cost as converting the head to DAM. Also get the B300 adapters from Lankota. They carry the Headsight kit too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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