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Controlled Traffic & Tramline Widths??

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Not really sure where to put this. But if the moderators want to move it that's fine. Really needs to be another segment opened up for CTF, would be great. Just my opinion.

Was wondering what people have been setting the width of their tramlines/ wheels spacings? Have done a search & can't find a whole lot on the subject.

I know 3m/ 118" seems to be the standard but it doesn't really suit the size of machinery these days or the size the machinery is heading. Would say somewhere around 3.4m-3.6m / 134"- 148" or even wider may be better?
Can't see the point of extending axles & making up wheel spacers to only need to make them wider in a few years. Sort of beats the purpose of CTF in the first place.

What's everyone's thoughts & ideas on the subject?
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Yeah thanks Chucka. Problem is the newer headers are spaced out wider than 120" and I suppose that's my starting point because they are the hardest to modify?? Also sp booms are more stable on a wider track. Have you got anyone that's gone wider than 120"?
Hmm......escorts what are you talking about!?:)
Good thing about most sp booms is you can extend/ retract the axles for transport or go any wheel spacings you want. No extra cost to go out wider.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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