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conveyor auger sensor on 9760

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it goes off constantly with the header engaged. tried jumping the wires together to bypass it and didnt work----what now??? broken wire??
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Possibly. You need to go though the diagnostic flow chart in the tech manual. Could be a problem with the overhead panel circuit board. Check that wire 20 going to the sensor has continuity to ground. You'll need at least a multimeter and a few pages photocopied from the tech manual to figure out this one.
if you want to get out of trouble, un-plug it and get a bit of electrical wire bout 3 inches long. bare both ends and "loom" the plug. we do this all the time, just got to make sure you replace it before too long... been there done that before.
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i done that bundy, and it is still on. does the jumper wire have to be grounded as well??
no it dosent. you might have a short in it further back....
yes your jumper wire has to be grounded its the same as the chopper sensor when you drop straw replace sensor and problem will go away.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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