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Ok, so it is possible that I have miscalculated on my mods to convert my single axel bin to tandem and the bin maybe at risk of damaging the auger on the combine as it passes underneath.(can't start and confirm for a few days as the combine is in pieces) The ultimate solution is to mount a conveyor on the side so I unload on the tramlines which is ultimately what I wanted to do but I was thinking next year.

So tell me about these conveyors, how big a cc motor is used to run them? Are they hinged on the side? Could they slide off the top of the chaser ? What sort of belting do they use? Would two side by side draper belts work? Would a hydra motor off a pickup have enough power? How fast do they go? How big a drive on the drapes (diameter pipe)?

I think I need two meters extension plus getting to the centre of the bin.
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