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I don,t think there is anything cheap about it. We went from a 2388 to 7120. There is alot to the kit , Probably dont remember everything but I will try. Have to replace the driveshafts , Replace the sprockets and chains on both ends to change the speed because the 7120 has variable speed control. Have to remove the mounting area were it sets on the old combine. Then drill a bunch of holes to mount all the new driveshaft brackets and header locks. I had to modify the spacers they supplied on the header locks a little to make them mount. Have to measure and figure out where the feeder housing shield mounts and drill the holes and mount that. Good luck because the instructions really suck. I went to the dealer and looked at a 3408 head set up for 7120 to get measurements to figure it out. Have to replace some wire connectors. I think the kit was around $4000 It was complete except for silicone and oil. It does come with a few extra things we did not need like wiring for field tracker. I might have the instructions if you want to see them but there not very good. Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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