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This Complete set of cottonseed delinting equipment is mainly used for removing short fiber from ginned seed-cotton in cotton processing plants and cottonseed oil mills. It includes following machines:A. Cottonseed Lifting Screw Conveyor B. Winnowing Cottonseed Cleaner C. Cottonseed Distribution Screw Conveyor D. First Cut Delinter E. Second Cut Delinter F. Third Cut Delinter G. Linter Condensing Dust Cage H. Linter Cleaner I. Linter Condensing Bin J. Linter Condensing Dust Cage K. Baling Press.
Cotton linters can be used to make roving, cotton blanket, absorbent cotton, fine paper, film, smokeless powder, high grade paint, plastics, artificial wool, viscose fiber, high grade rayon, etc.The delinted cottonseeds can be used to pressing oil, increasing the oil yield and making the oil more pure.
If used as seeds, they can reduce plant diseases and insect pests, meanwhile increase germination rate.
Those who are in need, feel free to send your detailed inquiry [email protected]
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