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Hi, a "young" couple here 31 and 26 from Iceland who love agriculture, wanting to expand our horizon. Looking to go on a harvest run or work on a grain/ cattle farm in the US or Canada. Both grew up on family farms, so we we know hard work.
I(male) have been driving tractors and trucks since I could reach the pedals ;) and my girl is a quick learner and knows her way around machines. but we are not used to these huge machines you run over there.
we are not in this to get rich but more for the experience and explore farming around the world. we´re currently on a dairy farm in NZ and would like to try something different on our way home.
we would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in hiring a honest hard working couple

and if there are any websites that would be worth looking at, it would be great

cheers from NZ
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