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Cover Plates

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Anyone had any luck using Gordon cover plates in wheat? Have a 2188, standard rotor and we left the large wire concaves in and put cover plates(3) on the front half of the concaves. Using slotted seperator grates with the channel bars across the opening and COULD NOT get a clean sample! After a day, gave up and put the small wire concaves back in and sample was acceptable.

Any ideas what else to do? Trying to avoid the bi annual changeing of the grates.
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I'm a couple minute drive west of you so my varieties and harvest conditions will be different. But what other changes did you make when you installed the covers? Changes to the settings I mean?

I run 3 gordens and keystock grates. Well, now I run my own home made helical grates, and Loewen helical concaves, but...before that I ran keystocks on everything and covers over the front 3 sections of straight bar concaves.

I slowed the rotor with the covers as there was no need to grind the wheat out when you now give it a chance to rub out. If you're still going to run the rotor fast, you need to push the machine and keep it full. The faster the rotor, the smaller the smaller the window for error is.

I imagine in your location you run the header on the ground? Probably tought o get enough material to keep it full? May have to rethink your settings a bit to compensate for the reduced material load.

Just my 2, IMO, etc.
What was the problem with the sample, whitecaps or mog? What are the condition of your large wire concaves? Maybe the small wire ones are in better shape. Also if the straw is breaking up badly the large wire could be letting a lot of mog onto the sieve making it harder to clean properly.
Hi there, we run a 1666 with the large wire concaves in wheat with three cover plates as well. We found that if you put card board in between the cover plates and the concaves helps keep material in longer. We thrash mostly pioneer wheat and some caledonia. Until last year we never could thrash all of the white caps. We couldnt get the concaves close enough to the rotor, after we got the concaves so they nearly touched to rotor, no more white caps.

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