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For all the number crunchers on this forum, here's a few figures from my CR8090 TP for the past cereal season.
Just a bit of background info on our last cereal crops: The season started off really well, then it forgot to rain ....... for a long, long time. Successive & heavy frosts did a lot of damage in canola & wheat.

Another season of .... what could have been .... if only ......

Canola averages: 6.54 lt/t. 3.25 lt/ha. 9.51 ha/hr. 5.12% Adblue

Cereal averages: 2.53 lt/t. 5.08 lt/ha. 9.36 ha/hr. 5.25% Adblue

Note: These are hours from the engine hour meter from start to finish & not the "hours" from the yield monitor.
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