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CR combine and peas

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Hey fellas we have just purchased a CR 970 and really know nothing about it, we have ran walker combines for ever. Anyways I am just wondering what all I have to do to set them for peas? I have pulled every other wire on the bottom of the concave. Do I have to remove every other wire on the section of concave that you remove?Is there anything else? Any advice I can get on this machine would be great! It has the automatic stone door? this worries me a bit, guess I have some reading to do. I am looking forward to putting up against our CX. Thanks
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You can tilt the extensions (the little concave) out to the other hole position to make it less aggressive. I always pulled wires on them as well, but not sure if that mattered or not. One thing I did do because we grow Strongfield durum was build cover plates for the extensions. I just welded two bolts with the threads pointing out on them and built a plate of sheet metal to be held on by those bolts. I think it helped get a more complete thresh when I had covers on the main concaves. It made sure that butts and heads couldn't escape until they got another crack at threshing.
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