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I currently run a CR970 with a 40ft FD70 and looking to go back to an auger flex head mainly for simplicity. Also looking to go smaller to help with residue spread and feel the 40ft is too big for the large irrigated crops we grow.

Need something that will also work well to straight cut canola. The FD70 has not been a good canola header for us and hoping a good flex auger header can do better. Crops we grow are mainly wheat, canola and flax, but we also rotate red lentils, fall rye, durum, canaryseed, peas, and barley a little bit here and there.

On paper the 740CF is the NH equivalent to the 635F and is definitely my first choice from an economical standpoint and would be almost no headache to hook up and get going with it. However though I'm leaning right now mostly towards the Deere header, I know its the most expensive route to go, but it seems its the most well liked header of all of them.

So I guess the question I'm asking here is what header would you guys choose out of the three below? Has anyone on here run any of these headers previously and then gone to another on the list or run them side by side in any of these crops.

NH 74C (Case 2020)
NH 740CF (Case 3020)
JD 630F / 635F ($10,000+ CAD to Convert to NH)
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