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Local dealer is trying to sell me a CR960 and he thinks my 99 and 96 will be about the same as a 960. I think he is wrong, I don't believe that 960 will do as much in a day as the 2 tr's. What do you guys think, I don't have experience with the CR's but....any help would be appreciated. Can do a quarter a day pretty easily with the two tr'
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That's bad math right there. The TR99 will be close to the CR without the 96 in the field.
We have a CR9060 and a TR 98 they both run same headers and the TR98 is only .2 to .5 mph slower in good dry grain but at night that jumps to 1 to 1.5 slower as it gets tougher. We do about 280 to 300 ac per day with our two as long as they both are moving. If you can afford to I would keep the TR99.
We replaced a 99 and a 1993 96 with a 9070 and a cart. IMO we can do just about as much in the day because we can start earlier and run later, and the big thing is only one combine to maintain and repair. Repairs are alot less also because of the newer combine.

go with a cr9070

Woody how many acres are you doing with one combine?
last year was the first that we had the one we took off 4500 acres, however we did hire some done in nov to get things done, about 300 acres.
Last fall we ran our tr99, tr96 and test drove a cr960 for 3 days in canola.
The conditions were less then ideal but the cr960 is to the tr99 as the 99 is to the 96.
I would say the 960 had 20-30% more capacity then the 99. The 99 usually 25% more capacity then the 96.

Like others have said, if you want to replace both you will have to go to a 970.

On a sidenote the 960 did the 20-30% more then the 99 and used less fuel then the 99.
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