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cr970 v 7120

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hello all would like to know which would win a cr 970 05 model or a 7120 09 model both silmar hp but cleaning area is different which would win has anyone had them side by side before
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We farm in southwestern manitoba and demoed a 2009 7120 against our 2005 cr970 in winter wheat. Both were running 36ft draper headers and the cr was about 1mph faster all day. The grain sample was about the same the 7120 just did not have enough to stay with the 970. We ended up going to a 2009 cr9070 instead of the case ih.
Isn't a 970 equal to a 8010 and a 9070 equal to a 8120? Just curious, but it's no wonder you were running faster with the 970, you were running a bigger machine.
well depends cause the hp is the same well 10 different buy belt drive should be better the CVT drive but the cr has a chopper to run but yes the cleaning an sep area is alot bigger
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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