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cracking grain with the beater speedup kit

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have any of you that are running this mod on a 10/00 noticed more grain being cracked??? im currently cutting milo, and seems like im seeing more cracks. ive got it set pretty wide and am only running the cyl @ 650 rpm
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I haven't started my milo yet this year, but IIRC you are running way fast. I'm thinking usually around 450 RPM. When it gets dry (after a frost, I know you don't get that luxury) I run on the low speed setting on the 2-speed. I had the beater speed up kit on for last years harvest.

I hate cutting milo with juicy green leaves. Do you spray with glyphosate or defoliant?
having lots of leaves in the combine, its headed out in them. im afraid if i get it any slower its gonna choke up. no we never defoliate, nor does anyone around her that i know of
I'd try it in low range as fast as the cylinder will go.

Sorry about the low rainfall. Having to take the leaves really slows things down. My milo has good head exertion this year so that will make harvest easier.

But I still hate that itchweed.
my nc+ is headed up way out of the leaves i wished all that i was cutting was like that i will try the cyl in the low range as you suggest____if if plugs are you going to come help me dig it out????
You know brew I never thought of that, our moisture was high back in the day when milo would come off, Ive cut many acres in the fog too, Its possible the speed up kit is causing the cracking, milo is a soft seed you know easy to crack with good rasp bars anyway. Try the slow speed cylinder setting like suggested or speed it back up and take in more crop and open the concave a bit, make it more crop against crop threshing so to speak.
It wouldn't be the first I've had to dig out. Do make sure you have the spare bolts that hold the retaining pin for the reaction arm for low gear. I don't recall ever shearing one in milo, but I've lost several in soybeans. As for digging it out, I first disconnect the cylinder (remove the pin from either the reaction arm or gearbox). Then I fire it up and clean out the walkers and sieve. Then I open and clean the stone trap, open the concave all the way, and put the cylinder in low gear. I then engage the separator at low throttle with the door open so I can listen for squealing belts. If they squeal over a couple of times I will get a bar to try to roll the cylinder backwards.

If the stone trap hasn't been cleaned recently, it must be cleaned before the concave will open all the way.

The last time I had to crawl inside to unplug the cylinder was before the speed up kit. I think I had to crawl out twice to run the machine to get all the stuff off the walkers so I had room to put more.
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lastyear i ate a thistle---------omg took almost 2hrs to get it out
I'm harvesting milo now. Good crop with good head extension. I have the beater speed up kit installed. Cylinder is in low range, running about 500 RPM. I still have more breakage than I like, but there is no dock so in the bin it goes. Concave is 24, fan 1200.

I slugged it twice when running with the cylinder in high, not once yet in low (knock on wood). The cylinder in low whines noticeably, so it is easy to tell when you are pushing it.

The seive capacity is about 2200 bu/hr set on 6, about 2500 bu/hr when set on 7.
Yeah, digging the combine out is always fun!
I keep lots of baby wipes in the cab. Those seem to kill the itch about as good as anything. I also use baby powder. I put it around the collar of my shirt, then button the top button before starting the dirty deed of cleaning it out. Axe Body Spray works pretty good, too. It has enough powder in it to help kill milo itch (some). You guys know any other tricks for killing milo itch, besides never getting in it in the first place?

I had to dig mine out 2x this year! My NC+ had good head exertion, but we when first starting cutting, the milo had not dried down good from the freeze. A few days later it was good..

I run my cylinder speed at about 525 rpm. I know of guys that run it even slower than that, but I wasnt doing bad at that speed so I left 'er alone.

I tried the beater speed-up mod, but didn't get along with it too good, so I changed it back. (This has been a year, or so, ago).
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