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We have been telling them this since, well the CR's came out. Internal politics...maybe this has changed

Called my NH dealer, he confirms they are working on a beater/stone trap setup.
He heard this not just from Joe Blows like me, people that would actually know.

Back in my TR days I noticed canola swathes feed far smoother if picked up back wards, this got me to thinking a beater if front of the rotors would aid feeding.
You could then lose that PITA stone trap and in all likelihood reduce concave bolt breaking, also a PITA.
The feeder would likely be wider and have a much smoother flow.
Hope they do it!


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I heard the same at farm progress in July. However, they are expecting a reduction in capacity because of it (the beater and lack of smooth flow over a rock trap lip), but most likely they will put a stone trap in as it will win over a lot of people who don't think the electronic one can work. Only rock that we've ate with a TR or CR was on a TR85 with a trap, not the stone door.
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