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Currently I run a JD 7350. Looking into trading for a new chopper for next year.

I have been running a JD 8 years and when I got the first one it was significantly cheaper than a Claas. Claas dealer has been wanting to sell us a chopper ever since. We deal with them for some other equipment and get along well with them.

Looking at a JD 8400 because it should compare to my 7350. Wanting to go to a 8 row corn head. Also want to give the Claas dealer an honest chance. I like what I see in the Claas choppers but don't have any experience with running and maintaining one. Trying to figure out what is the best fit for us and what compares to the Deeres. Seems specs on the 8000 series Deere are hard to come by and the Deere website mentions different HP numbers without specifying if they are ECE-120 @ 1800 or 1900 RPM. Seems to me a 940 has only a little more HP than a 7350. So I think a 950 would be a nice step up for me? There is no 800 series equivalent in that HP?
How is the 600 Orbis compared to a 8 row small drum Kemper?

Thanks for any advice anyone has.

I like the idea of buying a proven design (Claas 900) instead of a radical new design from deere, but I have some things to learn. Rather learn it from you guys than take a salesman word for it!
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