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Looking for some experienced advice on here, have a few questions... help is appreciated in advance!
Have been on custom harvesting crews and have always wanted to get in the business myself, in some way or another.
I also farm a good chunk of land in double crop wheat beans, and some irrigated corn in west TN.

Those of you who farm AND run a custom crew, how do you make it work logistically? I don't see showing up for harvest along the way as an issue, but planting, and all spraying application. Get local Co op or other farmer to do it maybe?
Also, is there much of a market for taking only a grain cart and tractor on the harvest run, or taking just a combine? I have modern grain cart and tractor, combine is 2004 with a 30ft macdon. But if I can keep farming alongside then I could potentially update if it's worth it.
Any input is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
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