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relatively new customer here. based almost entirely on price, for some reason the red guys have taken over from NH as being the cheapest of the big 3 around here. They all have adequate service and facilities and I personally dont think that there is much between the machinery these days, so here, for us price decides it.

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inland from geraldton about 100 ks, what about yourself?
Been an Axial flow owner for 3 i voted new. Case tractors for ever, lots of seat time in 13 and 1570's
i'm 28 and the earliest tractor i remember is our old case 4690 4wd, ih 986, and 1978 1460 ih axial flow and now all of those have been replace by a cat challenger 65e a magnum 8920 and a brand new 5088 axial flow
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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