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cutting notill beans

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Never liked the way my 630 cuts notill beans,great in conventional. I've tried long short sections on half the header and didn't see alot of difference.I see Jd sells different guards to go along with the long shorts but my dealer hasn't sold any (so no feedback).Does anyone have any suggestions.I would try the SCH system but my knife and guards have alot of wear left in them to be changing.
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When I used to work for the dealership, we converted a 630F back to the 3" cut of the 930F and had great results, there is a PIP to do this, so the information is available to your dealer.
Platform Cutterbar Performs Poor In No-Till Conditions With Standing Corn Stalks 600 Series Platforms
Cutterbar fails to cut cornstalks and/or feed them into the platform. Uncut or piled stalks push over bean plants and machine runs over them.
The 4” double-cut cutting system coupled with the 2” stone dam can cause unfavorable results in some specific no-till situations. 2” section tips do not provide enough clearance to allow large stemmed residue such as cornstalks to enter the cutting area freely, or material collected on the cutterbar due to the larger stone dam, can cause cornstalks to be pushed over prior to getting cut.
Verify that machines (both combine and platform) have been set up correctly. Points to specifically check are:
Correct feederhouse tilt angle (correct wedge kit on pre-60 series machines)
Backshaft speed is set at 520 rpm
The platform reel is setup to the minimum reel position of 1.5” off of cutterbar. See Reel Adjustments section in the platform O.M.
Auger is positioned correctly at 1/8” from strippers.
AHC is operating correctly.
Reel speed and position are important while harvesting. Conditions may require to run slightly faster and lower than normal in order to tip in and hold crop up so that it may be cut and not allowed to be pushed forward.
If it is determined that the machines are set correctly testing has shown that installing alternating long/short cutterbar sections (part #’s H215064-course tooth and H215025-fine tooth) and short profile stone dam (see Ag Sales Manual for ordering information) will increase performance in most no-till conditions. On 635F models, larger knife drive sheave (part # AH201561) may be installed to raise knife speed.
Of all the guards available, which ones work best when cutting soybeans in no-till corn stalks?
Use H218701 (short/long/short) and H218702 (long/short/long) guards.
Alternate them the full length of the cutterbar.
These guards have blunt points which allow stalks to easily enter the knife. They don't have the reinforcement cross bar. These guards should be used with the short / long sections for the best performance in these conditions. .
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Thanks Tom for info
I haven't found anyone who has tried the different guards to see if they really make a difference that JD claims.I may have to be the guinea pig.I could also try putting in different wedges to tilt head back to stay out of the corn stalks but I would add some height to the knife.I wonder if that is why some people do or don't have problems with cutting notill,they have their heads either rolled ahead or tilted back out of the stalks?
Explain to me why anyone would do this. I ran a 9760 with 635F last harvest in beans. I could easily cut 50 bpa beans at 5-5.5 mph and it had the newer double cut system. There was 2 9750s with me and their 930Fs were maxed out at 3.5 mph. It seems very obvious to me that going back to the old design would be counterproductive and a waste of money.
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