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Cylinder drive pulley on 7720

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Does anyone have experience with taking off and or taking apart the cylinder drive pulley on the right hand side of the combine, I need to replace the grease fitting hose for the main cylinder bearing and I need to remove the pulley to get behind there. Any helpful hints will be appreciated!!
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Are you sure you have to take it all apart? Anyways, take the variable speed line off. I usually then remove those outer bolts you see that hold that hydraulic plunger in and remove it. Then you will see two bolts directly opposite of each other on the outer sheave. Take one out, make sure flat washer comes with. Drive that pin out then you can remove that outer sheave. Inside the inner sheave there is a lock nut, can't remember size of nut off the top of my head. Ideally you would use a larger impact 3/4 to 1" drive, but if you don't have you can engage seperator drive and try getting it off without an impact. Once you get that locknut off you will need some kind of puller assembly to get the inner sheave off the shaft as the shaft is tapered. I have made on that goes through the slots
you will see. That inner sheave is heavier than the outer one so don't drop that one on your toes. When you put it back together you want to make sure that is tight, if it isn't you will wear the splines prematurely.
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460, are you talking about the sheave assembly on the primary countershaft? The cylinder sheave peteexhd is talking about is on the cylinder shaft. It is either the two speed assembly or the sheave that is spoked and is driven by the 3 rib belt.
The cylinder sheave is a B%$#@ to remove. I suggest getting a copy of the pages in the tech manual listed for this repair before attempting. Isn't there anyway to get that hose put on w/o removing the sheave - I've never had to do that on a machine w/ a 2 spd cylinder drive. My luck includes minimal heat and an air hammer.
Good Luck!
Thanks Guys!!

It is the cylinder sheave I need to take off. Hey Twopop, do I need a puller to pull the sheave off or will it come off after taking the nut off? I can see it will be heavy as hell, but think I can get grease line on if I can just move sheave out enough to get hand and wrench in there.

thanks again
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