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Hello Tc
Yes, I've made chop out of some less then ideal crops & they turned out OK, never had a wreck. It wasn't the best of feed, but it kept. You can't expect much though, I mean garbage in = garbage out. In similar situations, I know of a lot of guys that couldn't put up that mature hay in dry bales, so they put them up wet & wrapped them. They all had wrecks. You seem to be able to get away with more when you chop those mature crops with low WSC. You may run into trouble packing if they get too dry on you. Dry chop is a lot harder to pack, some have added water to it just to help with this. Chop as short as you can, this helps with packing, shorter material packs way easier than long material, especially when it's on the drier side.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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