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Darmani cross air......

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Hi, I am lookin into pricing bins of about 12.500 15.000bu
yes,yes, I know.....according to some, should not look into Darmani...
But prices are interesting, so also looking for a good areation system.
Any Guys/Girls having the Cross Air from them and how does it work emptying the bin?
steel or concrete on 24 or 27 feet bin
Good economical way to go?
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Well we have been using 8 of the 15k bins for 5 years now.
The bins back then were suk-up and are pretty good.
ANY/ALL components of them that Darcrapi made is absolute S**t!!
The air tunnels are the biggest POS and unbelievable pain to use/work around!!!

You have to basically sit on the bin top guiding your auger spout till the tunnel is covered or it will push sideways and leak like a MF'er out the door and you have to empty a bunch of grain and realign it.
They don't lift very high out of the way (ours have the hyd ram bolted to the floor to work around with the bin sweep) and you have a very tight sqeeze to get in and out of bin with auger in door. so you need extra people to move truck, run auger etc if you are in bin with the sweep.
The lid opening is big but the framework sticks out and hits auger unless you have auger backed up at basically a 90* to bin.
Their "amazing super tuff" lid opener cords last a month or so and wear out on edge of bin.
The vent system just under the lid ring is garbage and leaks snow, rain and after a couple years the rubber is breaking down.
The steel floors have to be fully welded together after everything is in position or they leak and can pull apart, hump up etc.
I have seen some that the weight of the grain punched the tunnel legs through the steel floor, This did keep the tunnel from moving around when filling!!! LOL

Basically Bags would be a much better investment than buying S**t bins from Darcrapi !!
Really I think you will be able to shop around before fall and buy Quality bins and put concrete floors with full air floors for not much extra $$$.
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Ours is the common Darcrapi experience.
After they make the sale they don't answer your calls and good luck if there are parts missing/damaged.
Our floors have not pulled apart or punched through yet but they do leak bad.
We have good gravel and slope but spring snowmelt seems to cause the most problems on ours.
If you are determined to buy from them and risk all the hassle DO NOT Pay over half the $$$ till EVERYTHING is done to your Satisfaction.
If you could hear what guys that have worked there say about the entire operation you would not bother to read their adds.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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