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deciding what is better 9650walker vs 9650sts

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My partner and I own a custom combining buisness and are looking for a newer combine but not sure what to get?
We are looking at 9650's but not sure if we want the walker or sts model? What are the bigest diferences between the two?

Thanks in advance!

Oh I forgot to add we do 400-500ac wheat, 600-900ac soybeans, and 300-500ac corn!
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what are you running now? What kind of ground? Yields? What size heads? What do you haul with? Do you drop alot of straw to bale? Do you want to expand?

I am running a jd9600 with 643 corn head and 925 platform with yields form 60-100bu wheat, 30-70bu beans and 150-250bu corn. Most of the ground is flat or gently rolling. As far as the straw its about 50/50.
We are not very big into this yet so we do local farmers and drive the combine from farm to farm. I would like to expand but not sure how big we want to get?
Or different concave configurations & rotor speed / concave clearances
If you want to have straw to bale you want a walker machine. It will produce good baling straw almost all the time. The sts machines need perfect conditions to make good baling straw in low humidity climates.
Get the STS it can just eat beans all day long. If it is set right it can also make good straw for baling. If your going to get a walker machine you mine as well keep your current combine.
For a used machine, that walker will cut for less cost per acre in repairs and fuel than the sts.

My 9650W would cut beans faster than my neighbors 9660 sts which was in the same field helping me. I don't know about corn, I never ran it. On milo, I know a 9660 sts is an underpowered POS, and is only about 3/4 the size of a 9650W.
My personal experience with a 9550w that was traded in for a 9670sts (both with 25' platform) is that the sts is 1.3-1.7mph faster in 75bu beans. It don't grunt/groan/slug like the walker did.

But in corn the sts is more particular when wanting a clean hopper.
What kind of fuel consupmtion difference is there? My 9600 uses about .8gal/acre in 55-60bu beans.
I would go with the sts hand down. I upgraded from a 9600 to a 9760 and what a difference that made and I only cut corn with it. I dont know why I waited so long to upgrade its been great. We were cutting 250 - 300bu between 18 to 25 % moisture and only buring 1.5 gallons per acre and 12 gallons per hour. We almost doubled our capacity. Its been nice to not have to look at the same feild day after day like with the 9600. Go with the STS.
we went from a 9600 to a 9650sts and love that thing.... we increased grounnd speed in every crop, only problem with the rotories is that every morning you should losen and tighten your rotor, i donno that maby is just our combine tho
We went with 9660wts. Little more cap. than our 9600. We can bale the straw, the sts have way more cap. but you will have to bale double the acres at night to get close to the same amount of bales.
went to wts from 9600....loved it except unloading auger is way 2 slow and is a bit low for high truck stacks
I guess the 9650 and 9750 have the same slow auger till 2003? Any one using Precision Farm Parts conversions? Concaves, elements & beaters? Was told 9750 STS is a beast after changes.
I have a question. We are trying a used 9650 sts because our 9500 lay down a week a go. I am getting quite attached to it. It needs some work. it has 1950 sep hrs on it. My question is will my 25' head be big enough to keep it full enough to thrash well in beans and wheat? red rotors have to be full to thrash well. Not sure if JD is the same. We have a 8 row corn head so it suits it well. Any other things I should check on it before I sign any papers? thanks
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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