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Deere combines and rice?

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For the rice farmers out there would you recommend the Deere combines, specifically a 9760sts. Along with your opinion what options or updates are out there that you consider a must? Looking at one on a CaseIH dealer lot, but it came from a rice farmer and he has been trying to trade it off for two years. Before you say it I did ask the man and he said he couldn't keep the machine from wasting grain out the back. Looking for any kind of input.
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We had a 2002 model 9750. From that experience I would never reccommend a STS to anyone for rice. Maybe the newer ones are better, maybe not. The STS we had was the "rice" version with the extra threshing elements on the rotor, rice wings on the feed accelerator (de-accelerator for us) stainless augers and a few other different things. We were never able to choke up the rotor because the feed accelerator would plug so easy that the crop never got to the rotor. We and the Deere dealer tried numerous things to get it to feed better but after 2 years it wasn't a bit better than when we first got it.

You and the rest of the rice cuttin world might have better luck with the STS but we didn't. Ours got traded in on a 9790 Massey. The STS went south to Louisiana and a few weeks after we traded the new owner called asking how he could get it to feed better! I told him it was his problem now and that it was the reason we got rid of it in the first place. He wasn't real happy with that answer. But he just had to have a STS. He got it too.
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I'm not a big fan of Lexion but you might want to read the very first post of this thread
How many acres of rice compared to corn milo and soybeans are you going to harvest. I would take all that into account before I walk away from the deere. If you are 600 acres or less of rice and the majority of your crop is the other, then I would "deep think" my decision.

Why aren't you looking at CTSs? Especially if you are looking at used machines. That is JD's best rice machine (which is not sold new in NA anymore).
Will you be planning on a stripper, draper or rigid head? That could make or break a STS's chance. Bullet rotor'd machines might be a bit different but the older style rotor didn't like green stuff at all. The stripper we were running it just confused it. We had all sorts of problems with it backfeeding down the topside of the throat. Brand new feed accellerator wings helped a bunch but still weren't the right answer.
Will use draper head. Crop mix is 50/50 rice/soybeans, with a little sorghum mix in for the fun of it.
We got rid of a CTS to get a STS a few years ago. In really tough conditions, the STS will struggle, but when it is dry it will outdo a CTS. Here was our situation:

With a CTS: struggle through 300 acres of wheat, struggle through 600 acres of corn, kick tail in 800 acres of rice, struggle in 1100 acres of beans. Summary: kick tail on 800 acres, struggle in 2000 acres.

With STS, it changes. We now struggle through 800 acres and kick tail in 2000.

IMO it depends on how many acres of rice you have in comparison to other crops. We get done much quicker than in the past because we spend less time struggling along.
Why not go with a Case-IH 7010 with the small tube rotor, and not struggle in anything? I think you answered your own question about the deere and throwing rice all over the place.....I don't think the sts will touch a 7010 or 8010 in rice with draper heads.
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