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I am concerned about Deere's quality and commitment to customers.I am a big fan of Deere but very concerned in the last few years .Big problems with tractors and little support from Deere. Thoughts please
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Could you enlighten us a little more, please? What are some examples of big problems to which are you referring?
Well, I'm gonna go ahead and totally disagree with you johnaustin. Deeres tractors is where they are ahead of the competition IMO, I have other thoughts about their combines . . . But, the tractors are top notch quality and great support. And FYI we own one 9000 series track, three 9000 series wheeled, and one 6430 with a total combined 5500 hours in two years. Not one single major failure, just small glitches that the dealer solved in a day or two. Take a look at the new 8R series, they rival luxury cars. We also run Deere swathers, combines, & sprayer, no brand name can beat Deeres dealer network, factory support, or parts supply. I think you are more concerned about your dealer, are your problems coming from the factory or lack of dealer support?
To quote a very famous politician, and probably like minded like you:

"What planet have you been living on?"

Or, well the he!! are you from? No dealers there?
I thought JD had cleaned up their act quite a bit. Nothing nearly as bad recently as the big square baler or the original 4700 sprayer. I know one fellow who will never let a piece of green equipment or green employee on his farm over the beating he took on his new green big square baler. And one of the original 4700 sprayers helped break a local coop when JD told them too bad, so sad, and resale of 2 year old machines was 30% of purchase price (vs 90% for Rogators).

I will agree with Jason 100% on JD tractors. Look at used values JD vs anything else. The original prices are very similar, but in used machines Deere commands a premium over the competition, which means the cost of ownership for the original owner is lower for the Deere.
Is it mother Deere or just your dealer? Our tractor dealer(Gordon Handy) here in the Sth Island is great. Never had any issues with the tractors or service. Our combine dealer however is a dead loss and you really have to look after yourself and sort out any running and setup problems yourself.
Are you refering to the their wanting to get more chain dealers and fewer of the indy guys? I've noticed this trend the last couple of years...Our local change to BTI wasn't all good. Inventory network good, salesman good, numb sculls behind the parts bench BAAAAAAADDDD. Used to have one of the bettest parts guys around so thats a bummer.

I am calling you out. Where are you and who is your dealer??

Or, you just trying to stir up touble.
Sorry to have up set you guys SO much.I think a OK question.Most of our problems are with IVT 6000 and brakes.We are not the only ones having trouble I know.I thought that these forums where for discussion .Our problem is we are so far away from the factory and parts.Our machines are down sometimes up to 6 weeks.Seems to now take lots of time to get the OK from the factory over warranty.I cannot see me asking the Question is causing trouble or requires such a response.
jda, are you the same as johnaustin?
Saw your post over on NAT, sounds like you have major problems and a nonresponsive dealer and company rep. It does seem like more guys are complaining about Deere's quality control. Still would like to know where you are and who your dealer is so we can all stay away.
Yes same.We are in NZ and I think we are getting further from the factories.Deere is a fantastic company best in ag my concern is real.My friend has done aIVT on a 8530 and now after 600 hrs an engine.Deere offered to pay half the freight.We had a 8330 IVT go out in 60 Hrs The did fly a new one in and we lost 4 weeks and this was on one of our planters.You have great Dealers in the States or complication is we are so far away they go through Auss and then to the Factory.We loose Days finding out whats wrong then they have to get the OK to repair under warranty.
Not bagging Deere but concerned
John runs a pretty repuatable business in NZ, he's not a troll / troublemaker and to be quite honest he has some pretty valid points about problems showing up within the Deere system.

Thanks for adding to the discussion John.
Also a deere lover, but on a visit to moline, I was less than impressed. Lack of concern of my comments and ideas. Less than helpful when asking about the fuel pump problems they are aware of on the 6010 series tractors as well as other problems. They are eager to put all kinds of electronics on these new tractors that are supposed to help make them run better and be easier to diagnose, but the exact opposite happens. The mechanic ends up spending days tracking down a short in some wiring harness that was oh so easy to install but when the cab is on and everything else is mounted, it is impossible to get to without dissassembling the d**n thing.

FyI for all you haters, I probably have 3 million in deere equip, so don't call me a traitor or mole or anything else. Deere is the best in almost every category by far, but I think it is starting to go to their heads and some in the organization don't seem to listen anymore.

Alex, your post confuses me. Do you really mean to call John a troll?
Sorry edited the post to include *not* in there
One spring evening,

I went to the JD dealership to get some planter parts. My favorite parts guys was still behind the counter on the phone, and a frazzled look on his face as he told some one to hurry in, to get their parts, unless he could leave them by the door. I asked him how his day had been. he told me that it had been quite the day,one he could have done without. He said "you know you'd think that with all the JD planters out in the fields, the older ones would need the most parts". But, he added, "it's the new ones that are having the most problems". Really I said...."Yup, when the changed the logo from an actual silhouette of a deer, to an artist's rendition of the deer, they must have fired all the quality control people". I believe him to be an honest man.....always have.

Regards, Kirk
Hi once again Not sure what Alex meant also re Troll and even Trouble maker.When you whant some thing to improve or get an understanding you need to communicate or what most people do would be change color.
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