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Demoed the 9770 and 630D

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Thats right 4 free hours to try and cram as much through as possible.

I run a 9660 and 30 ft Honeybee.

this is what I thought.

- added hp was noticeable I was chopping straw and could tell the difference. However I can put a chip on the 9660 and even the field.

- as was pointed out by others some of the alarms are annoying but they do serve there purpose, just takes getting used to.

- autotrac was installed on the demo, first time I have run a .bine with it very cool. Was unloading on the go and the dust was blowing across the end of the header so I couldn't actually see it. doesn't matter the auto steer was right in position all the time.

- was a little disappointed with the header, To be fair the header height sensors weren't working right and the ground following abililty wasn't like my honeybee when I am running in float. Wht deere thought they could reinvent the active float system that We use with drapers and gauge wheels is beyond me. I can skid along the ground all day and never push dirt when going through a ditch with the 9660 and the active float.

- the header though fed very well sticking the rotating drum/retractable finger thingy out into above the middle draper instead of behind it I think helps feeding fluffy crops not once did the cut wheat pause at the center belt. My honeybee I have to be careful if I push a little too much in and I stops going into the feeder house.

All said and done kinda neat to see what the latest is like and to run it unsupervised for a little while You sure can get a little better idea what the machine is capable of then what a sales brochure is capable of.
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how was sample compared to your 60?
Sample was comparable. I don't think that part of the 'bine changed much from the 60 to the 70. the 9870 has the bigger shoe but the 9770 was still the same.
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