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Determining axle position

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We have a 2188 w/ rwa that we recently change drive tires on. We put 800/65R32 on them changing from 30.5 - 32. Looking at the manual and Firestone's' tire charts we've tried positioning the rear axle. But are there any measurements to double check for level? These tires have the same measurements according to the tire charts as 18.4R42's, and according to the manual with our 16.9-24s we should have the axle in position #2. With the 30.5-32 tires it says position #3. My question is why lower the rear of the combine when you put a larger tire in front? I measured while it was in the shop today and from the floor to the bottom of the frame it was about 1" lower in the rear. Any help?


Oh, and anybody hang weight on the rear to run 12 row headers and flex drapers?
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Don't know about the tires, but the weights I have some info, had a 1680 RWA and no problems with a 1083 and 30' 1020. Traded to a 2188 no RWA and a fast stop with the 30' 1020 did get the back end to come off a little bit, then got a 2212 cornhead, added fluid and weight bracket with 1600# and that is just enough for the corn head.
the best way is just a visual check. just park on a leve surface and look. you want the rear to be just a little above th front. just a slight angle. also there should be settings in your owners manual
Yes, I'm aware of the manuals settings, that is why I was asking on here. Because going by the manual, having no header and empty bin sitting in the dealer's shop, the rear is a little over an inch lower according to the bottom of the frame measured nearest both axles.

Thanks for the input though
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