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Hey all,

I've had a Dickey John M3G moisture tester for several years. It has it's "quirks" I guess, but it's pretty handy and has always been close enough for the girls I go out with, if you throw out the fliers and take an average.

Last couple of loads of corn through the dryer, I can't get it to work. Judging by the amount of time and grain temp, the corn should be dry or close to it. Test it with the meter, get a reading of say 14%, which would make sense. It always seems to get 2 - 3% drier as it cools down. When the grain gets cool, I test it, and it is reading a over-scale-moisture error??? The first time this happened, I was messing with it, and the low battery alarm came on. Aha! I thought. Brand new battery in for the next load, same thing. And no, it is not raining, snowing, foggy.... However, it is cold. Any issues in the cold? Any experiences anyone can shed some light on?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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