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This could be helpful?

1995 Introduction of 2100 Series Axial-Flow Combine
2144 180 H.P. 5.9 Liter 145 Bu. Grain Tank
2166 215 H.P. 8.3 Liter 180 Bu. Grain Tank
2188 260 H.P. 8.3 Liter 210 Bu. Grain Tank
All new cab and styling (23% more total glass area than 1600 series)
Improved stadium-design lighting
New optional lighting package (after cut, side flood, rear work, and service lights)
Theater style lay-out to right-hand console
Mult-function propulsion lever
New A-post instrumentation center
Improved operator ladder
Focalized cab mounting system
New pressure and flow-compensated (PFC) hydraulics and wet brakes
New safety shielding, service platforms, hand rails, and guards
Improved hinged service panels for easier access
AFS field installed AFS systems released (March)

1996 Factory installed AFS systems released (March)

1997 New 13 bolt final drive mounting (previous 7 bolt mount)
Poly skid shoes factory option
New larger cab air filter on right side of cab
Fold-in rear window
Splined feeder jackshaft replaces keyed shaft
Transmission charged from a 3-bolt to a 5-bolt retention pattern on the differential bearing carrier.
Locking collar on final drive shaft couplers replaces bolt
Rear axle center section tubing increased from 5/16" to 3/8"
Drive plate added to rotor drive coupler
Main hydrostatic tubes replaced with hoses
Seals added to front rotor cover
Detents added to LH shields
One-piece cleaning fan hinge rod
Floating hex shaft between front and rear unloading augers
Unloading auger outer elbow housing rivets changed from ¼" to 5/16"

I hope Tony wont mind to much for me posting the link and the info?

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Thanks for the information. One thing that I have noticed is the 95 has a 2 strand feeder chain and the newer ones have a 3 strand. The combine that sounds like the best one ( I haven't seen all of them yet) is a 95. The fellow has to quit farming as he can't take the dust anymore, he has owned the combine since it was four years old and takes it to the local Case dealer every one or two years, I think if he had a whole lot of problems it would have been long gone. Thanks again for the link.

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Geez, I used to know what they were, and I can't find my list now. You might have to talk to a dealer and get the bulletins, most of the things that were changed were product improvement updates, so they got done under warranty. We're running an early 21 and a late 21, and there's a pile of gussets and such on the early 21 that you can tell were welded on in the field and/or bolted on after it was painted that you can also tell were factory installed on the late one. As far as design changes, there isn't hardly anything different, just some small part # subs.

Regarding the electrical system, it seems like they both have the same problems - but I think most of the serious electrical issues were either product improvement warranty mods, or "fix as fail" mod/subs, so if it was a real issue, it's probably failed and been replaced on a 12 year old combine. All in all, the pair that we have are both very good machines, and I really can't say that one is better than the other.

And on the "new, larger cab filter" - the new style one still sucks, just figure on modifying it.
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