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Dismantling rotor drive hub ( 1680)

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Are you wanting a way to compress the spring so you can take the rotor belt of the pulleys? If so there, is a tool for that. A piece of flat steel that goes over the end, and two long bolts that pull the pulley open. If you also have the drive pulley open, the belt can be taken off. Would do the same thing if you blew the rotor belt and had to replace it. Alternatively, we have used a couple pieces of 2x4 cut into a "V" and hammered them in to the pulley to open it up.

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I want to do a rebuild in the rotor drive hub on my 1680, and need to know the process to do it. I think I need to make a spring compressor for the removal.
Thanks for you help
Here is something additional to note. We just replaced the "cam followers" on my 1660 these are the "rollers with the grease zerks" on top. If they are woren a little flat on one side or another it will not tighten down on the belt and will stick open and the belt will get pulled into the bottom of the driven pulley and will cause failer to the belt. requires more time to tell you about . Latter. hammer
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