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“Do not use an air wrench”(torque 55 ft #s)
You must use the scallop bar on all standard rotors!!!
You must use rice spike bars on all specialty & AFX rotors!!!
You must remove all straight bars on all specialty and AFX rotors and replace them with rice spike bars!!
Direction for installation. (Questions-CM Welding Inc. 765-258-4024-765-891-1722 Cell
First remove your key-stock grates from your machine and place them on the floor on the right side of the combine. Number them #1 Front grate #2 middle grate, & #3 rear grate.
Draw an imaginary line from the left front (of #1 front grate) to right rear of #3 rear grate), and place 6 disrupter lugs, 2 in each grate on that imaginary line. Then make another imaginary line 12 inches or to the middle of machine on the same diagonal as the 6 lugs you have installed, and place the remaining lugs on that line with 2 in the front grate and 1 in the middle. You now have 4 lugs in the front grate, 3 in the middle, and 2 in the rear. Your all ready to go>>Same Directions for 40-60-66-80-88 Case-IH Combines.
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