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DIY Temperature Monitor Keeping Cables Straight

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I have been working on monitoring grain temperature using the Arduino MKR family and DS18B20 sensors, and it worked well the first year but this year the cables I made got drawn over to one side and now it does not give an accurate reading.

I am guessing this is because it is too far to the side that the grain is not insulating enough to keep a steady reading.

What would be the best way to keep them straight?

Extra Information:
I have a Hackaday page for this project here: Bin Temperature Monitoring System.

I initially was going to post on this thread, DYI Open Source Arduino bin temp reader project **help**, to share my project and trouble, but the system told me it was an old thread and perhaps I should make a new one.

I'm planning to keep developing this project to the point where one could simply buy a unit, climb to the top of the bin, drop the cable down, stick the controller to the bin (probably being held with a magnet), and then scan a QR code with an app, and be able to monitor the temperature in their bin. I also plan to keep this project completely open source, and probably keep a DIY version with an Arduino an option. All, that is to say, is if anyone is interested in a collaboration that would be great too :).

Now I'm going to go browse this forum. Seems like there is tons of interesting stuff!
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as long as you arent taking their exact product and copying it patents are useless. people have done that and the patent still doesnt hold up in court. patents have become a marketing thing in north america cause as soon as you go overseas the companies who manufacture the products will just sell it to less know companies in developing countries.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts