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If you have Farm Equipment, Golf Cart or Solar Battery Banks of lead-acid batteries (flooded, GEL or AGM) that are weak or won't hold a charge any more, I may be able to help you desulfate them, restore and revive them and keep you from having to purchase new batteries.

The Battery Life Saver is a Patented Electronic device that eliminates lead sulfate crystals in your battery and helps restore the batteries to near new condition.

Whether you have tried other methods or not, I would like to give you an opportunity to try the Battery Life Saver -- RISK FREE. This small device will work on most any size batteries and we have models available from 12 volt - 144 volts. We offer a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can't beat that deal.

Most applications require only 1 unit and cost less than the replacement cost of 1 battery, this device may be able to save you a lot of money on replacement batteries.

You can contact me here via message or call me to discuss what batteries problems you have.

(800) 993-7886 (US Only)
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