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Does anyone use round bar modules in soybeans

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Does anyone use round bar modules on a 7010 for both corn and soybeans. I have a lot of trouble plugging the large wire modules in corn. If I run the concave pretty tight it is not much of a problem but when conditions warrant and I need to open it up some the modules will plug with silks and husks. I am told the round bar would cure this but I don't want to have to change them for each crop especially when harvesting both crops on the same day.
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That is what we run around here and make out alright.
first 4 spots have round bars and back 4 have large skipwire.
works for us in soys,corn,rice/milo/wheat.

I always have use 3 round bars and 1 skip wire for corn and beans. This is the first year that I had to change them, and put large wires in. Some of the beans were late, and wouldn't thrash out completely. The earlier beans were fine. The combine is a 2005 and the large wires were new with paint on them until I got into the late beans.One nice thing is that round bars are more forgiving on cracking beans with rotor speed , and concave clearance.
I run three round bars in corn and soybeans never had a problem.
I had trouble with pods and loss over seives until i put cover plates on the first concave. Next year im going to try large wire in the first 2 positions.
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