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Don, do you know this guy???

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Just curious if he cuts all his land himself? That is a lot of acres per machine so was just wondering?
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Lex, thanks for that very impressive video. It's not often that one seen 14 8010s in nice formation mowing down wheat. I've flown over there in my Cessna and I must do it again during harvest time. Would love to see that from the air.

Do they own all these machines or was this a custom cutter,......Taylor Harvesting out of Lethbridge, I wonder?
They own these machines,switched over last season from Deere to Case.
BTW.:I posted that video to another thread already.
Sorry Lex, I do not know who this is.
But I'll bet someone at Highway Service CIH dealership does.

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So thats where the circus gets all their used combines. Sorry, Rocky Mountain Dealerships. I'm pretty sure the Elkwater Colony has close to that acreage already.
If this guy really seeds 100,000 acres, you would think he would need 20 8010's. At the bare minimum, probably more. He's well over 5,000 acres per machine as is. Is that even doable? He must get some custom outfit(s) in to help out?

I wonder what he uses to seed all that land!?
Probably big Bourgaults since thats what the Hiway pushes.
I just remembered someone phoned me from southern Alberta a few years ago,
wanted to know something about openers, humongous acreage, he was dealing with Georges Farm Center so would have Flexi-Coil.
Dammed if I can remember who it was nor do I know if it's the same guy but it kinda lines up.

Based on the pictures and the statement above, it looks like they replaced 15 green machines with 14 red ones.
Thanks jaydee.
This is definitely the guy that called me.
I remember him and I agreeing we had no use for tow behind air carts.
I also remember the mix of Deere and Coil drills in the discussion.
Hey bigbudluvr look at that!
Wonder what they use that C-7 80' Friggstad chisel plow for?

Nothin beats a Bud hauling a 80' Friggstad !!
Love to see that.

He needs to be pushing at least 42' heads with those combines.

Linnebur's in Colorado have 80,000 wheat acres and they have (had) 20 Case/IH combines with 30' least they used to have that number.
I'd like to see that Bud hooked to a 1800 bu Balzer Field Floater II grain cart.
Wow, the stories get better and better...

Got to love the internet...

With all do respect. They are big, but not that big. That is quite a stretch.

Impressive video.
From their crop density it appears that the wheat is dryland even though I saw a pivot irrigator in one of the shots. Looked that they were picking up canola as well.

Gotta check them boys out from the Cessna.
Plant the birdie on the wheat stubble during harvest time and give someone a break at the wheel of one of those 'bines for a while.
Going back 20 years whilst working on a harvest crew I remember cutting wheat on a farm in eastern Colorado that was 100,000 plus acres, although not all cropped in the same year. His machinery yard was very impressive.
At one point we had 22 combines cutting in the same field, good to look at from a distance but very chaotic when trying to finish the field off!! There were at least two other crews working on the farm also, 30 combines total.
This is Henenger Farms from southwest of Lethbridge, AB. The majority of the acres are leased from the Blood Reserve. Most of it is dryland but there is some irrigation in the area as well. Crops are wheat, barley & canola. Henenger uses all STX tractors with Flexi coil tow between tanks.

There are a few real big operators on the reserve. If you are into iron it is a great place to visit during seeding or harvest.
beh, do you know how many acres Linnebur's do have? I used to work for a crew out that direction, and I always wondered. Seems like the number 25,000 had come up before, but that doesn't seem like enough for that many combines, not out there.

That 20+ is certainly true though, I have seen that myself. It seems to me that as a person rolled into Denver on 36 there were three farms had big legs/bins and a whole bunch of new combines. As I recall, two crews had Deere, one had Case. Linnebur's had the Case machines, right?

Which custom crew was it that ran 26+/- Deere machines?

The guy I used to cut with was from a family that at one time put in 14,000 acres of wheat every year. They had 17 JD 95 combines (that should date it for you). Not sure if they cut it all themselves or not. Also had a runway. By the time I showed up (around 2001) the farm had been broken up.
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