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beh, do you know how many acres Linnebur's do have? I used to work for a crew out that direction, and I always wondered. Seems like the number 25,000 had come up before, but that doesn't seem like enough for that many combines, not out there.

That 20+ is certainly true though, I have seen that myself. It seems to me that as a person rolled into Denver on 36 there were three farms had big legs/bins and a whole bunch of new combines. As I recall, two crews had Deere, one had Case. Linnebur's had the Case machines, right?

Which custom crew was it that ran 26+/- Deere machines?

The guy I used to cut with was from a family that at one time put in 14,000 acres of wheat every year. They had 17 JD 95 combines (that should date it for you). Not sure if they cut it all themselves or not. Also had a runway. By the time I showed up (around 2001) the farm had been broken up.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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