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Are you limited by the return elevator with this years bigger crop? With the larger corn crop this year just wanted to remind everyone that claas has available a long tooth lower sieve which greatly helps to minimize the return issue. Most machines prior to 2012 had the (10mm)snub nose small grain lower sieve oem. Worked fine in small grain and soybeans but in high yielding corn one tends to get buried by return(worse with this years larger kernels). Claas now offers an extreme long tooth(32mm) as well as standard long tooth(26mm). The extreme long tooth lower sieve now mimics the long tooth top chaffer. No other combine manufacturer would dare to try and run a 10mm snub nose lower sieve in big corn. A tribute to the real shoe capacity of the lexion. We are running the standard 26mm long tooth which works fine in soybeans also (laid nearly flat,3-5mm). Kind of turns into a bean screen.Should decrease grain damage as well as increase capacity. Good luck! Tiger
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