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Duals on a 2388

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We have a field that has some nasty silt holes in it that are a little trecherous this year and we are thinking of putting duals on our combine. The tires on it right now are 30.5-32's. If we put duals on with those tires is there going to be too much stress on the final drives? Are we better off looking for a set of 18.4-38 or 18.4-42 duals?

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U can get 20.8-42's if U want no problem with diff, just keep off the brakes in turning spider gears in tran. won't take it go light on brakes in turn
Do a search for "straddle duals", we put a kit like this on our 2388 this year but dont know who the manufacturer is as we bought through our local tire shop. One guy can put the axle extensions and tires on in a morning and therefore easy to remove when not needed. The 18.4/38 bias is shorter than the 30.5/32 bias therefore the 32 carries most of the weight but still flexes enough that on the driveway both the 32s and 38s make an imprint. End result is you have 50" of tire per side vs 42 with true duals.
On my 1680 i just got some spacers and used some older 18.4x38 clamp in duals. I had to drill 4 holes in the combine rims for the ready rod but other than that it worked out great. lots of guys dualed up there combine that way this year with all the mud in the area. good luck
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
we got a 8120 with duals and earlier on my brother thought he had a winning setup when there was water in the fields but now when it has dried a bit they turn into big slicks even with a foot between the duals and then you can't go anywhere near mud . My 23 with big singles ( which aren't really good in mud ) were getting me through without having to put the rice tires on . So unless you really need the flotation I wouldent bother going with duals .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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