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dump door on 7010 & 8010 fan

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Was at local dealer the other day and was told a kit was available to put a fan clean out door on my 7010 also for 8010 too. I wish I would have had this in fall 2009. What a horrible year on combines. I know many had trouble plugging the fan so this might be something you may want to look at. Was told around $800.
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is this a after market item or is this from caseih. i did add a spring loaded feeder house chain tightener on our 8010 from case ih it was a parts update kit. do you know if this kit is bought threw parts or whole goods from dealer. thanks for the advice. if you could let me know where to get it.
It is a case ih part. I got it thru parts.
CIH kit no's
84169220–7010 and 7120
84169221–8010, 8120 and 9120
made one for my 8010 in 05. it helped to convince them to add it to the X120's. lot easier than taking it apart...
800 bucks for an update? Won't a plasma cutter ,20 bucks of metal, and 10 bucks of paint do the job?

Be better if the sieve and rethresher could handle high moisture corn.
Just remove the bottom sieve then no problems with high moisture corn. Worked well for me.

Just remove the bottom sieve then no problems with high moisture corn. Worked well for me.[/quote]

Garuntee you it will be done, forgot about that........I'll quit p-in and Moanin about it from now on!
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How long of a job is it to remove the bottom seive on a 7010?
It can be done in about 30 min faster if it isnt cold outside and you have some help.

Here is the steps for the 8010/8120 that I have done.
First remove the top to get to the bottom easier.
You will need a pliers, 13 or 14mm (I think), 18 and 19mm wrenches.

Step one turn the key on, then raise the spreaders.
Then drop the access panel to the bottom to the bottom sieve, two "L" pin latches.
There are three bolts that hold the two top sieves in. Two on the out sides and one in the middle. Take them out. 18&19MM

Next we need to unlatch the linkage from the sieves. There is a quarter turn latch that needs turn to release the sieve. Might have to move the sieve open closed to release the pressure on the linkage. Reason key is in the on position. Pliers may be needed

You can either wait and turn the key on before previous step your choice.

After disconnecting the linkage, lift up and pull out the sieves.

Now you have access to the bottom sieve. Same as the top for bolt removal and linkage from sieve disconnect.

To remove the bottom sieve slide it out the access panel, the rubber flap might catch on the sieve.
Take off the linkage with the 13, 14, mm wrenches.

Reinstall the top sieve, bolts, attach linkage, put up access panel, put down spreaders and do combine.

On the bottom sieve you may notice an adjustment on the sieve to make it open further with the motor. It takes a 10mm wrench to move. It allows the bottom sieve to use a different range with the motor. Kind of hard to explain I'll find a picture to show.

In the picture the bolt #13 is in a slot #2 or #12 to adjust the bottom sieve position relative to the motor.
Also shown is the quarter turn latches #3, and the linkage #4 that needs to be removed with the bottom sieve.
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Thanks for the info on the sieve removel, but I just got to thinking about it, doesn't having the bottom sieve in balance out the motion of oposing sieve acting as the top and bottom move opposite eachother?

Removing the bottom sieve has been done in Europe for many years for the high moisture corn they combine. I believe they start at 40% moisture. That is where the idea came from.
It also simplifies adjusting the combine.
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