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Dutch mud openers plugging with mud

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Replaced my Dutch precision double shoot paired row openers with the equivalent Dutch mud openers, used but no wear at all on the bodies. These mud openers have a deeper point, and instead of the fertilizer just falling out the bottom of the rectangle behind the point, they have a V shaped bottom that sends it out the back instead.
The original openers were very worn out, especially along the bottom edges of the fertilizer chute. The originals would plug almost guaranteed if I turned with it in the ground.

This is the least muddy spring I can remember. Still sticking to packer tires, but not saturated like usual.

The mud openers are plugging far more often than the originals would have in the same conditions. Going straight ahead. If I get out every mile, I can unplug 3 or 4 every time.

I think it is starting with fertilizer building up, rather than dirt getting in, then fills with dirt once there is no flow. Definitely worse in high humidity. AMS in the blend.

It is mostly the same openers plugging over and over again. Mostly along the back row on a 4 rank drill. Not related to hose length at all. Can't find any restriction or corrosion build up inside. The holes look the same size as the openers that aren't plugging, but I haven't measured.

The outside openers which were the worst for plugging before, due to turning, have been almost plug free with these openers.

Anyone else have experience with these openers?
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What drill are you talking about? Thanks.
What drill are you talking about? Thanks.
Concord C shank.
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Not sure I use the universal series usually only plug the end ones when the drill backs up on tight corners.
Rogator spread the AMS done with that $hit for this exact reason tired of unplugging hoses in high humidity.
We don't really know what a drought is out here in Big swamp country. 2021 was my favorite year. 2009 was a close second.
We don't really know what a drought is out here in Big swamp country. 2021 was my favorite year. 2009 was a close second.
Hehe I watched a thunderstorm dump 2 inches south of me 15 miles……never got a drop ….
What is likely happening is there is a little space between the opener and the body. The clay will squeeze through the gap and the thin sheet of mud will plug the opener inside. You can caulk this gap shut and it will last for a while. Some of my bad ones I welded a ridge in front of the gap on the opener so the soil slid up and over.
We don't really know what a drought is out here in Big swamp country. 2021 was my favorite year. 2009 was a close second.
2002 a 3rd.
It’s the v shape
youre correct, the square ones were way better. We had a machine shop rebuild our square ones. In the future there will be a new design but unfortunately the v change was a very bad idea
I have never seen a Dutch boot like that. We have the universal series gumbo tips and they are pretty good in the mud.
Update. Have been working in much lower humidity conditions, and different soil type, and they are plugging far less than they did to start with. I do sticky clay now instead of high organic black soil, which I would have thought would be worse.
Attempted to trim the v slightly on the worst offenders, but the grinder won't touch the hard surfacing welds.
Looks like the next easiest option is to trim the tab of the sealer plate since it creates a restriction at the back of the chute.
They all have a constant buildup of fertilizer dust filling up the v. But it seemed to reach a certain point and not get any worse except for the few that keep plugging.
Different looking opener for sure. Could try trim that tang like you said on the bad offenders see if that helps any. I can see small fert lumps coming through the system and piling up causing issues. All you need is 2 small lumps at the same time to stop the flow.
Had same issue with the universal series running fert through the side band not quite enough room for high rates of fert. Dutch told me I am doing it wrong so will see bought different tips this year and switched the hoses to make the seed come out the wing.
Had issue with the fertilizer stopping on the one old airseeder always the same runs and found out the jobber white hose (goodall) was soft got sticky inside in the sun you could feel it with your finger. Don't know if it was just one bad roll I got or what but there was a substantial difference between oem and jobber hose.
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You’re wasting your time. It’s the v shape. Rebuild your old ones or put up with what you have. It’s not humidity, it’s not your’s a poor design.....period....
I second the v shape. We run the same opener and it made a world of difference cutting off the v part. I feel like they were designed with the shorter eagle tip in mind, not the mud hawk style. It's hard on zip discs to cut them, but is worth your time. Plasma cutter makes short work of them also.
Air guard air heater can help. Spread your sulfur.
Wow those are still around! Tried that way way back in the day on a flexicoil and was glad I only bought one. Maybe the concord shank is a flatter angle? I’d that back was tipped down to much it would be the ****s.
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