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Early 9750 capacity/what to watch for?

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I'm currently running an R62 and saw an add for a 2000 9750 w/ 1700 separator hours that caught my attention. I've never run the STS so I'm wondering what kind of capacity difference there would be b/w the 2 machines. Also, I've heard horror stories about the STS machines being gutted by something as simple as an auger finger getting sent through them. Soooo, what would you look for/be afraid of on the early STS series?
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Capacity is the same as a NH tx 66 on the early models. Not sure if that will help you.
Not a Deere guy so im assuming an sts is a rotor. If so if it is only capable of keeping up with a TX66 run away our farm uses a TX66 on 1500 acres. Its got an ok grain tank capacity of 230 bushels wich is good But for putting through much better combines to look at. plus a TX66 is a conventional.
The farmer I'm working for has a 9750 and it's still going strong... cutting 130 bushel milo at 4.0 with a 635F and very minimal losses.... They are a good machine just have a few things that must be watched (unless they have the updates done which most should by now).
I should mention the 9750 will likely be a better combine than a tx 66. More reliable, tx 66 were terrible, and less cracking but when we did a demo speed wise they were the exact same.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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