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ECU 94.17 fuel code

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keep getting the 94.17 code on my 9570, changed both fuel filters and after about 3-4 hours get the code again. Is there anything else to try? thanks
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We had a unit do exact same thing--entered DTAC case
and they got us to dissasemble filter base to look for restriction
-we found plastic filings that were intermittently causing low supply pressure which will can cause this error code
I had the same thing go on. Had a fine layer of stuff on the screen in the sediment bowl, washed with break cleaner never bothered again.
had another code come up tonight, it was the fuel engine code ecu 1347.07 and there was a significant loss of power when this code came up (could only dump going about 3 when we were dumping going 4 mph before with an 8 row geringhoff). Only got 650 acres left and would like to limp it through the end
had john deere out today, and the low fuel pressure pump was reading -6 at high idle. Took apart the electric pump and there was chunks of leaves in it. the lid has never been left open and dont know how the leaves got in the tank, but it really makes me wonder when leaves can make it into the pump, what is the point of having filters? And why did they get rid of the screen on the bottom of the tank?
You need to check the flow out of the tank, out of the electric fuel pump when it is on, to the filters when the electric fuel pump is on and to the high pressure pump when the electric fuel pump is on. When the key is in the run position the electric fuel pump will run for two minutes. Don't run that engine if there is low fuel pressure, the fuel system dose not like lack of fuel flow or air.
John deere 9570 loosing power

I had the same thing happen with my 9570. Could on go about 3 MPH in poor wheat. Took the inlet line loose to the primary fuel filter, and took a small screwdriver and all and pull out about 3/4" long by 1/4 diameter of plastic shavings. Will be a day or two until i get to try it out, but I'm betting it solved the problem. John Deere needs to step up their Quaility Control on their fuel tanks/systems on the >$200 k machines.
Phelonfarms and jlebrun, Did your 94.17 codes get resolved by clearing junk from fuel system ?
I have a 240d jhon deere and no error code on display, secondary fuel filter presente almost no fuel and i cant get hi rpms. if manualy inject fuel at secondary filter work normaly for about 30 min. after that the engine shut off. any sugestions ?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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