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Hand-held programmer previously only available for JD machines is soon available for CNH models. While we have always been able to tune most makes and models, the hand-held tuner is a great option for those who need multiple software tunes or desire the ability to return the machine to stock programming without a site visit from one of our dealers. More info coming as we perform final hand-held testing.

Fuel economy:
While extensive dyno testing reveals a lot with regards to performance and fuel consumption, it's always a pleasure to spend a few hours with the operator for in-field observations as well. This 7230R with IVT in full auto set at 5.7mph was burning 11.3 - 12.8 gph with stock tune. The field has some gentle hills . With Ekotuned software optimization fuel consumption dropped to 9.8 - 11.5 in the same field, same day, same conditions.

How is this possible? With stock tune, IVT would never bring engine rpm below 1780 and in the hills it would ramp up engine rpm to 1900rpm in order to produce the torque required to try maintain speed. After tuning, IVT allows tractor to plant at 1600rpm due to increased torque at more economical rpm range. In the hills RPM did not exceed 1650rpm while easily maintaining desired speed.

It's important to note that with our software tuning, fuel consumption monitors in the cab continue to operate exactly as accurately as stock tuning. Unlike chips and power modules, the ECU sees metered fuel. In other words, the ECU cannot meter chipped fuel increase because the chip is specifically designed to trick the ECU into additional fuel delivery either by raising fuel pressure, or by tricking the injector to stay open longer at the tail end of it's injection cycle. With Ekotuning, the ECU is fully aware of all map changes. This may not seem like an important point except when you consider that the IVT has it's own computer which communicates with the engine computer in order to maximize fuel economy, especially in fully auto mode.

New Forage Harvestor performs real well after software tuning.
This JD 7380 with 13.5L engine set at 485HP was struggling in first cut hay, especially in thicker windrows. It then received a +100hp upgrade and gained 2mph. Of course gallons per hour increased but the increased productivity off set the per hour fuel increase. The owner will now rake double windrows to further increase productivity.

For all Ag performance needs, questions or information, give us a call or email.
We are your Ag tuning experts!
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