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If anyone has any questions on using an Ekotune to improve the performance of their machinery please feel free to contact myself or any member of the Ekotuning team. We are committed to bringing our customers a top quality product.

I became a dealer for Ekotuning after tuning our 9320 JD 4wd tractor. Tuning the tractor was a simple process that does not take a lot of time. A handheld programmer was used. Now that I am a dealer I can come to your farm and tune your equipment for you. The tune worked flawlessly.

I have been tuning my Dodge Cummins trucks for a number of years but I was a bit concerned about tuning the tractor to begin with as its a bit new to me. After talking to Jari my concerns were laid to rest. He has a vast knowledge of all kinds of diesel powered equipment. Safe reliable power, custom tailored to the customers needs.

If anyone is on the fence about trying an Ekotune give us a call. We can discuss your tuning needs.
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