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electrical problem on 9600

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I am have a problem with losing my gages, warning lights on the panel, and my tach readings. I think it has to be in a wiring harness but we cant find it. I changed my circuit board and it worked for 3 days than it quit this morning. Does anyone have any suggestion for my?
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These functions get power from red wire #21, coming from the power distribution board beside the cab. I'm assuming this is the board you replaced. Check for full 12 volts coming out of the board on this wire, follow it under the cab to the right side and in the cab wall connector. Trace it right to the problem functions. Also check the grounds bolted to the frame rail behind the engine on the engine compartment floor. Ground wire # 20 is the one to check here.
check at front top of engine where harness goes around top step shield, if it rubs on it it will short out the power relay for corner post. have been ther and done that
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