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Elephant Ear Options

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We run three 23 series combines on harvest and have always had the specialty rotors with the standard elephant ears. I have heard of other options and kits that are supposed to be better for feeding the rotor and what not.
Just wonderin if anybody is having luck with anything else.

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We installed a Kile on a 1640 this past fall and had good luck with it in soybeans. We were able to gain 1/2 to 1 mph and we could start picking a little earlier in the morning as well as pick a little later at night. You will likely see the same results with a Stewart, or the AFX you can get from the Case dealer. From what we have seen the auger front is a lot easier on the combine, it feeds evenly, and it reduces rumbling in green stem beans. I am interested to see how it will work in wheat this year.
Loewen also makes a kit. We just bought the Kile this winter, i will tell you in June how it works.
I have the "kit" from Lowen and love it. I can cut later than our other two combines and I can re-place the blades with ones from case or from Lowen. Feeds better in beans, too.
Just my 02 cents!!
Have installed quite a few axceller kits from stewart steel on specialty rotors. Haven't heard one complaint yet.
All 3 brands mentioned accomplish nearly the same thing. They reduce the obstuction at the transition from linear to rotary motion.
The Kile is the least expensive, has the fewest bolts, and utilizes the original spider for mounting the blade and ear to.
I put the Kile on a 1680 in 2007 and really like it. It feeds so much better than the elephant ears did even in wheat and tame rye. I am sold on it.
Thanks everybody, very helpful info. I'm interested in running one of these kits. What is the website to the kile acc. kit?
Do they seem to last as long or longer than the old elephant ears? Are they hardend or reinforced?

Thanks again,
The Kile is really heavy and has a chrome alloy wear bar.
We installed an axcellar kit on our 1666 three years ago. Before that we wanted to traded it off for a green machine
But after having installed the axcellar kit from stewart steel we want another red one
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