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Elephant ear replacement

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I've heard about the Stewart Steel & others - auger replacement for the original elephant ears on the rotor. Could someone give me the pros & cons of each & the pricing please. We've got to replace our elephant ears soon & was wondering which one to go for.
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went through this on a 2366 as the ears were worn out. I went with an the accelerator as it was cheaper than the replacment case ih parts and handles green or tough beans a lot better. Dropped the rotor out frontwards and it bolts right in place.I think it is available for the 66 or 88 series
We pulled a standard rotor and a specialty with Stew/Steel Accelerator out of two 2388's this year.
The Accelerator and rotor just behind it were quite worn.
We have had many high hour rotors out that did not have near the wear.
I think a Kyle flyte kit would be stronger, wear better, easier to install AND less $$$$.
Thanks for the info - do you have any info on the prices of the different types. From what you are saying, the Kile is a lot easier to fit?
Also your comments on the wear rate of the rotor. Are you talking about the front of the cone on the rotor where the Accelerator blade connects to the rotor or where the Accelerator line is along the rotor cone?
Wear to/on the Accelerator itself. As well as more wear it looked like to the rotor just behind accel. Kyle and Lowen sell a very similar screw type ear/vane kit. Google them and compare prices. A friend called Kyle just a few days ago and said a couple guys talked with him for quite a while and he learned alot.
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