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Embarrising accident?

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Was quickly coming into the yard with the 1085 MF tractor looking to the north to see what kind of trouble the cows were getting into. When I looked ahead again there was the stock trailer and of course I ran into it.:mad: My question is does anyone know where I can get a replacement grill support/frame. It is the classic gray metal piece that these tractors used to all have. The part number shows it is tractor specific only to the 1085 as none of the others (Ex. 1105, 285 etc. are not the same.) AGCO no longer offers it. It may be able to be straightened and rewelded but I am no body man. Was hoping to find a used one. Called my dealer and they called Worthington Tractor salvage but they said they couldn't locate a frame. I am in need of one as I would like the tractor to look normal again. It has some sentimental value and just kills me to look at it now and think how stupid I was. If anyone knows of some other salvage yards or even and aftermarket place where I could get one it would be most appreciated. I know there has to be one out there someplace as Dad didn't have the only 1085 in existence. (Maybe the only one still running:D.) Thanks!!
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5305 at Wengers of Myerstown - Ag Division - Tractor-Part

Agco part number 530596M95

I have alot of hours in the seat of a 1085, a very handy little tractor, of course it had the nickname of Little Mass
Thanks tjdno1! They had the part. Wasn't cheap but what do you do! Where is Cartwright? I'm from Tuttle ND so we can't be too far apart. Thanks again!
Western McKenzie County, almost to Montana. I bought a Gleaner header near Tuttle a few years ago.
Some friends of mine ran the bar in Tuttle a few years ago. A bunch of the locals went down for the grand opening but I couldn't make it. Heard it was a great time. If you run into Ron and Packer, tell them Les said "high". There's also a tractor wrecker north east of Langdon near Plum Coulee Mb. but the name escapes me at the moment.
Whtbaron: Yes I know Ron and Packer. They have since sold the bar. Can't remember how long ago probably going on 5 years or more. They moved to a small town about 20 miles south of us so I don't see them too often. Probably was one of the few times where the local bartender and bouncer was a lady. Yikes! I always got along with Packer but was always careful what I said to her as I feared for my life!:)
Not the only 1085 still going. We have a 285 and a 1085 still working that have always been in the family. My grandfather and great uncle bought them new and we still use them. Of course they are not the main workhorses but they still do what we need them to.
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