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Engine oil leak

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A minor engine oil leak has slowly developed under the engine at the output shaft. I think its a common problem with these machines.

What am i looking at here?
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Best guess would be the rear crankshaft seal carrier gasket is leaking. The 8.3 cdc's seem to have a habit of the bolts on this carrier working loose and leaking engine oil, it usually looks like the back rail of the pan, or the rear seal is leaking. You are looking at pulling the engine, or the pto gearbox, i would say from experience that pulling the engine is easier, then take the flywheel off, then the rear housing that bolts the engine to the pto, then ur at the seal carrier.
That sounds pretty straight forward...NOT! I know its going to be a big job cuz my mechanic told me to watch for it when shopping combines. It was something to avoid. I knew it was coming eventually.

I have done that job in a day with 1 man helping.

it can be done

I use locktight on the bolts on our mx180, just to try stoping it happen again, then bolts will only be finger tight when ya go to remove the seal carrier, if that is the issue.

I took another look at it today, I would rather remove my appendix than either the engine or PTO housing on that combine. The only thing worse than pulling the pto is pulling the engine.

If i pull the engine, what parts do i leave behind. Where to i break it from the pto drive assembly, and how does it come apart?
Better to take of the PTO - a lot less nuts to pull off and undo than removing the engine and lifting that out.
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