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Engine question

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Looking at replacing the gasket and oil seal on the front timing gear cover. My question is whether the oil pan needs to be removed in order to pull the timing gear cover off? This engine is in a early build 9600.
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Is the seal leaking or the gasket, if the seal we can replace that with out taking the front cover off.
The timing gear cover gasket is leaking but I want to also replace the seal when it is off.
Thanks for any info on this.
We have different gaskets metal in a roll that can be cut out.
I have the cover gaskets, but was wondering if the pan to timing cover has any alignment dowels or bushing that prevent the t/cover to be removed horizontally from engine.

There are no dowels on the pan so it can be done, but if the pan gasket tears you might have to pull the pan anyway. If it does come off without damage, use a good sealant like Loctite 515 for reassembly.
dowels on the timing cover only so it will come straight forward. I have a time or two stuck a .005" or so feeler gauge inbetween the gasket and cover with the aid of a shot of brake clean everynow and then to break away the gasket without tearing, however they areusually hardened so your better off to take a razor and cut the gasket close the corners as you can on the pan and use Permatex ultra grey silicone on the bottom of cover and top of pan, little layer on both, make sure they are bone dry before you add the silicone. Sure to stop leaking that way, done it many times.
Thanks for all the info on this.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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